Monday, 22 September 2014

My Discustion writing

The 4.4 million people living in new zealand are about to go threw an enormous decision. They only have one vote but it might just be that one vote that changes everything because the election is coming. This election will decide who is in government. With the many different policies of nine major parties this is going to be a tough decision  Who do you think will win the votes of millions?

A major issue that has arisen is taxes. How much tax should corporations pay? While Maori party and Mana party believe that we should pay much more. labour seems to think that we should pay somewhat more and then National, Green and NZ First think about the same as now. On the other hand United Future says somewhat less. More to that Act and Conservative want taxpayers to pay much less.

Another issue is health care, in particular, what age should children be able to have free visits to the GP. Green, United Future and maori party believe that it should be raised to 18 years, all the while National Labour and Act believe that it should be at 13, Conservative and United future both think that somewhat older is reasonable. Mana party believes that much older will do.

An occurring issue is education, more importantly dose linking educators salary to student results more effective than cutting class sizes?. Act and Conservative both strongly agree and National somewhat agrees, all the while NZ first somewhat disagrees, and Labour ,Green and Mana strongly disagrees. Maori party and United Future sit on the fence and are neutral.

Overall I believe that a good choice to vote for would be Mana party because they’re policies for healthcare, education and taxes combine the best result for what I look for it a government. Other policies may say that children will improve more if the teacher is paid on children results, or that people should pay more taxes. I believe that we should pay less taxes and have less students per teacher.

Monday, 1 September 2014


Almost everyday this week( it fells like) I have had production practice. I must have memorized my script by next friday. How will I ever cope.  I probably won't I'll just have to go with it. :)