Friday, 27 November 2015

Monday, 19 October 2015

Goals for the Year. 16.10.2015

This Year I set my self three goals to complete by the end of the year. I am reflecting on them to check on my progress.
These are those goals:

  • Get in to Hagley.
  • Become more confident in math.
  • Finish home work challenges.

So far I have made it into Hagley and have become more confident in math. 

My next step is to complete more home work challenges.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games Reflection

Over the last three days I really enjoyed how the other sport teams would play fair and show good sportsmanship because then when we lost then we knew that other teams wouldn't brag.

Thinking back to the beginning of the year I really improved at my defending because at the beginning of the year I couldn't intercept the ball but now I can.

Something I will remember is intercepting the ball and then passing to Rosie who then scored a goal.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Goal update 23.7.2015

Walt report and update on goals regularly.

1. Get in to Hagley
2. Finish home work challenges
3. Become more confident in math

 1. So far I have had my diagnostic test for hagley and am sceduald to have a meeting with the principal.

2. I am in the middle of deciding the home work challenges that are most suitable for me.

3. I need to work on mind over matter and my teacher says that I am often comparing my ease with writing and reading to my math.

These are also my next steps

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

writing proof

Grade for Essential List Spelling: Commonly Misspelt Words.

Your grade: 53 / 55 (96.36%)

I got two wrong:

#1: Programme
I spelt it like:

#2: they're
I spelt it like:

Horse Breeder/Trainer

My writing goal for this trem is spelling. I can show this in my writing by spelling words correctly and underlining wors i don't know.

For a career I would like to be a Horse Breeder/Trainer. Equus Ferus Caballus ( Horse, Pony etc.) Breeding /Training has been around since 4000 BC and requires skills like patience, ability to collaborate easily and other learner dispositions. During this job you may be asked to train Horses to race, jump, do dressage, or even just be a 'bombproof' Pony club mount. If you love Horses this would be a good job to have as it requires spending the majority of the day with Horses.

Though there are no specific qualifications you will need from High School something that will help you to gain jobs would if you become a Stable Hand  at the local stables, it is advisable to work for at least six years to gain work experience. You will profit from this as if you are a newbie to Horses then it is likely for both you and the Horse to be hurt. This is why it is also important to know Horses anatomy and behaviour; you may  think that something usual to Horses was unnatural and therefore hurt the Horse unaware. To have good fitness levels will be a great hand as you may spend most your time running around the Horse on a lunging rein so it you are not as fit you might grow too tired to quickly  so therefore unable to complete training session.  Also you must have a passion for Horses because if you are just in for the money then you are likely to be unsuccessful.  

If you want to be more successful, then after High School there are courses that you can take. These are often called Equine courses. And often include spending time at stables for work long hours as well as learning  care of Horses. If you don't want to spend more money on scholarships ( although these will help you) another idea would be to become an apprentice for a qualified stables. Both of these options will give you knowledge and skills of handling Horses but if you do an Equine course you may advertise this and therefore people are more likely to pick you over other Horse Breeder/ Trainers.

This is important because if you have more jobs then you will get more pay.Depending on how much experience, skill and ability you have, then your pay will vary majorly; you may have trouble finding people that will let you train their horses as well as a decrease of people who want horses to be trained.. This is may be because no matter how good you are people may just not know about you. Something you could do to solve this is to send out flyers or to put an advert in the local newspaper. In the past year only 576 people were working as a Horse Breeder/ Trainer. As it was once said " To become a millionaire with Horses then you must start out as a billionaire." This is mostly true as quite a few people who have started out with nothing have become wealthier as they got more jobs.  

Unfortunately because of the varying pay this  job is not for everyone  if this is the case for you then a backup plan is advisable so if you become broke then you can swap to another job and probably become more financially secure. You can achieve this as easily as just taking another subject in high school for example: Accounting, will give you an advantage so that you can jump straight into accounting instead of having to redo high school.

I love Horses so I believe that this would be a great way to work with horses on a daily basis and to earn money at the same time. Even though it is a risky business with financial problems quite a possibility I would still love to wake up to Horses in the morning. This is my career goal and I would be willing to work for it.