Thursday, 12 March 2015

my wonder writing

WALT use paragraphs correctly in my writing.
In some of the paragraphs I had to ad some more paragraph so that I could follow the rules of paragraphs. these are the rules for adding paragraphs. Add paragraphs when there is a new:
topic or idea

This is the writing I made as a prequel of the novel Wonder

The restaurant dilemma

I watched as the city lights blur together. Then my dad is indicating and we pull into the restaurant. The flickering neon light above advertises a ' Mister Mathews Bar And Diner.' I guess this is where we are having tea. Through the glowing Window I can see an elderly couple having dinner, not bad considering, so I continue through to the interior doors as I continue to scan the room my eyes rest upon a convoy of teenaged students. "Great." teenaged people are the worst. 

By now you're probably wondering what it is that I'm going on about, well... it's my face, I could try to describe it but whatever you're thinking my face is definitely worse. 

This is torture. I can feel the steers boring through my skull, and the whispers it's like they're not even trying to be quiet. "I hear that its a disease. " One whispers.

 " Do you think it's contagious, I don't want to catch it maybe we should leave. "  Another one whispers. Yet they stay seated on the leather covered chairs, whispering.

I need to work on remembering to add paragraphs. When I am writing instead of adding it in afterward. This is not the whole story.

By Shannon Carlyle productions

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